who we are

At ds+p we believe that we have an amazing opportunity to achieve greater results with the power of creativity.

We’re made up of creative minds from many different backgrounds. Obsessed with the human race and what makes them tick, we all work together to reshape some of the world’s most distinguished brands.

Our Work

Our approach is to keep it simple. We believe in concise strategies based on clear and powerful insights. Our three-step process is proven and backed by the growth of our company and success of our clients’ businesses over the last 12 years.

Our People

Doug Robinson
Partner Creative Accolades Strategic Vermillion Father Coach Vancouver Muskoka TML Mojitos Lefty
Mike Welling
Saskatoon Client-guy Brand-builder Pun-ster Traveller Father Perseverant Golfer Strategist Partner Creative Leader Engaged Insightful Teammate
Adam White
Adman Determined Passionate Fixer Leader Teammate Creative Financial Service Strategic Brand Retail Caffeine-powered Father Husband
Carolyn Rutherford
chief financial officer
CPA CA Integrity Passion Traveller Chef Cottager Tulips Red Wine Sharp Knives Daughters Hubby Dog Lover
Denise Rossetto
Twin Mama Aries Writer Relentless Movies Sleep addict A1 wife Grateful Beer and chips enthusiast
Todd Mackie
Partner Crosswords Golfer Father T-Shirts Ball caps Romantic Fisherman Patience Contemplator Rubik’s-cuber Chef Baker Traveller Whiskey
Our People
Talented Passionate Eclectic Funny Crafty Clever Curious Collaborators Good people Ambidextrous


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